Puni looking its best ever!

Wow, if you were to head out to Puni now don’t be surprised if you struggle recognise the place!

Thanks go to Auckland Council and the hard working crew at Downers – they have just spent a few days out there and finished clearing the uphill section of the cross country track.

I say thank goodness, with them doing it not all responisibility is left to Clinton to try and arrange working bees (and only the usual 1 or 2 people turn up) and then he usually just ends up doing most of the work himself – I get a husband and my kids get a father, rather than him slaving away on the track!

Auckland Council are going to schedule regular maintenance so the track should end up staying weed free and ridable, thank you so much Paul Dabbs and Stacey James for arranging this for us!

Photos to follow.