July 2014 Puni Update

Sorry it’s been a long time between posts.

Being winter Puni isn’t really in its best form. I hear the XC track is in ok condition but it does tend to be a bit slippery at this time of year. Still great to see people out there riding though! With longer days and warmer/drier weather round the corner I’m sure it’ll see the track getting a lot more use.

Clinton and one of the younger riders (Luke) have been working at the top of the hill and have started working on a couple of drop offs for people to practice on, they’ll be finished early in August. This will make Puni a good all round skills training ground. Pictures to follow soon.

Auckland Council are still helping to maintain the grass areas and have recently been in to remove a few of the more dangerous rotten standing pine trees. Even with a few of these trees gone please exercise caution if you are in the bush during windy times, there are a few dodgy trees around.

The club definitely intends to have some working bees coming into summer and just tidy up a few of the areas that hold water during winter.

Also we want to get the club rides happening again this coming summer, with some weekend away trips to Rotorua and Taupo. Also do a few day trips to the tracks in and around Hamilton.

Happy riding and we hope to see more of you out there on the track. Keep an eye out for pump track nights starting up again as soon as daylight savings kicks in. This is great for everyones skills.

We have the possiblity of riding at another location only 10 minutes from the Puni Track which is on Private property and is a fun track, all singletrack in pines and gum trees. There is potential that this track will be allowed to be used by Franklin Mountain Bike Club members on a regular basis. This would be another great reason to sign up with the club as it will then give you access to another excellent nearby XC trail.