We have a club noticeboard! Signage coming next!

Rob and Clinton headed out to Puni this afternoon and have erected a state of the art notice board (well maybe not state of the art but something anyway!)

This way people will actually realise there is a club and will be able to navigate their way around the reserve/bush a bit easier.

Rob, Craig and Niall have also been working on some signage for in the bush. We should have some arrows up soon to mark out the cross country track – so this will make it much easier for those that are new to the area.


Winter Club (day) away rides – come along!!

Hi everyone, sorry it has been so long between posts – life has been pretty busy and it’s been too wet to get overly excited about riding.

Anyway we are getting motivated to get things up and running as a club again!

We have several away rides planned between now and October and it would be great to see some of you there!

First ride is Saturday 27 July at Totara Park in Manukau. This ride is suitable for people of all skill levels and ages. We encourage you to come along and meet up! The track is not technical – it is more to get people out riding. Meet at Redoubt Road carpark entrance of Totara Park at 10am. Please let Clinton know if you are able to come along (021 751 871)

Sunday 25 August we have a ride planned at Karanghake Gorge. This track is part of the NZ Cycleway so it is about a grade 2 ride (nice and easy/enjoyable for everyone). Time and meeting point will be decide closer to the time but please mark it down on your calendar.

On Sunday 29 September there is a ride planned for Pukete Farm Park in Hamilton.  This is also catering for all abilities/fitness levels of riders. Again time and details will be posted closer to the time, please check back and come along!