Please take your rubbish home with you

Just a reminder that all riders need to take their rubbish home with them please.

Of late we have had a lot of rubbish left up near the pump track and this just makes the place look untidy – that is not the image that we are trying to portray as a club.

I realise this post probably won’t get to the culprits, but just in case it does…

Thanks, enjoy your riding out at Puni!


Water fountain not working at present

Just to let you know that the water tap and fountain out at Puni Memorial Reserve is not working at the moment – so if you are heading out there for a ride make sure you take some fluids with you.

Clinton is intending to let the council know today so it will hopefully be fixed some time soon!

Signage at Puni

We are currently thinking about signage at Puni and wondering if anyone who rides out there may work in the industry and be able to help out with this.

For those of you that ride out there you will know that the signage is pretty minimal and we are wanting to fix this to make it easier to navigate around the bush – mostly on the cross country track

We are needing things like a general information board, arrows and signs like “Track start” etc.

If we don’t hear from anyone we hope to still get this moving and hopefully you should see some new weatherproof signs out there in the next month or so.


Open Day/Club Day – 24 March 2013

Franklin Mountain Bike Club Inc is to hold an open day on Sunday 24 March 2013 at the Puni Memorial Reserve.  Please come along and see what we have been working on and meet up with other club members – or join up if you’ve been meaning to but haven’t got around to it yet!

Schedule for the day is still to be confirmed but we were thinking of having a couple of hours dedicated to skills lessons for club members interested – come along and pick up some advice from Clinton Williams on how to ride the tracks

Start time likely to be 10am with a bbq lunch, more details to follow!

Puni MTB track free for all to use

Just to let everyone know that the Franklin Mountain Bike Clubs home track at Puni Memorial Reserve is free for all to enjoy, you don’t have to be a club member to use the facility (though obviously we would like you to be) and there is no charge to use the track. And yes it is also dog friendly, so take your pooch along too!

Good Days riding in Rotorua

A group of 5 guys headed down to Rotorua to ride the tracks on Saturday 2 February, the day was enjoyed by all who attended.

The trails were dry and dusty and the weather was hot and dry.

The group rode together for a time before splitting in 2. The group of 3 that split off with Clinton had about a 40km ride, taking in some of the hilly tracks and circumnavigating much of the forest.  Riding tracks such as Tickler, Tuhoto Ariki, Frontal Labotomy, Split Endz  and Be Rude Not To.  It was one of the guys (Rob) second ever time riding in Rotorua so he certainly got a good feel for the tracks and I’m sure he’s keen to head back whenever he gets a chance.

The group decided to head back home on Saturday evening because of several of the guys having young families to be with.

All in all it was another great day riding that everyone enjoyed and I’m sure there were a few sore legs and butts on Sunday – always a sign of a good ride!