Working Bee a success!

A big Thank You to the crew that turned up for the working bee yesterday.

We managed to build 4 new bridges in different spots in the bush – 3 of them right at the bottom of the bush where it has always been either muddy or rutted out.

Also some of the bottom half of the track has been tidied up with the mower, brush cutter and blower, so it will ride much better now.  Some parts have also been sprayed which will help long term.







Sundays working bee is still on

Just to let you know that the scheduled working bee from 9am to 1pm on Sunday is still on regardless of the weather (although it isn’t meant to be as wet as it has been today, so hopefully they are actually right with the forecast).

We hope to see some of you at the track in the morning!  Please remember to bring any tools that you have available, if you don’t have any we will be able to supply a limited number.

Any queries please contact Clinton on 021 751 871 or 2390567

County News Article Tuesday 13 November

Check out the County News this Tuesday, there is going to be an article about the Club re-establishing and moving forward this summer.  This will include some info on the new pump track and should include a photo or 2 of some of the local children riding the track. Any publicicity is good publicicity!

Orienteering Event this Wednesday at Puni

Please be aware that the local Orienteering club is holding their annual orienteering event out at the Puni reserve this coming Wednesday 14th November. They say it will still be okay for the mountain bikers to ride in the bush. Please just be aware of the other users while out there riding.

Thank You

General Update from the President

As a general update, we have only had the website up and running for about a month and we have 6 families and 2 individuals that have joined the club.  We put 15 flyers up near the start of the track a few weeks ago and on Friday just been there was only 2 left so hopefully the club will continue to grow.
The new extension to the Pump track is finished and riding well. A big thanks to James for all of his help. Fun Pump track nights are being held on Tuesdays from 5.30pm – 7pm.
I met with two people from the local Council last Wednesday out at Puni to show them the finished Pump track and to try and convince them that the Puni reserve would be a great area for them to put a permanent BBQ in place. We will see how we go with that in the future. I also spoke with them about helping with removing Privet from around the place and helping us with maintaining the grassy uphill section, by mowing and spraying it on a regular basis.
I went to the Council office on Friday afternoon and we have been given a stack of good wood to use for the bridges to be built at the working bee. So that was very good and supportive of them. The guy I saw on Friday was also talking to me about looking at the possibility of having a cycle track or lane from town that went out to the Puni Track put in place maybe in the future.
We may have the chance of running a small fun event at the Pump track on the 16th of December which would be the day after the last North Island Downhill cup race which is to be held out at Hunua. This would be fun or entertaining to come and watch or take part in!

Also we may have a chance to have a digger make the berms bigger in the last section of the XC track, which will make them a lot more fun to ride. Another contact we have may be paying for this as a donation so this will be even better.

Working Bee Reminder – Sunday 18th November

The upcoming working bee at the Puni Track on the Sunday 18th November from 9am – 1pm is still all go. It would be great to see as many of you as possible at the working bee.
Our Plan is to tidy up the main Track in the Pine trees. Blowing pine needles off the track (I have 2 leaf blowers to use), cut any over hanging ferns and our biggest thing to try and achieve is to build some wooden bridges down the bottom where it always gets wet and muddy in winter where the track seems to always be in an average state.
If you can make it along, that is great. Please bring any tools you may have that you think will help. We will all meet just before 9am at the front gate, anyone who is running a little late will find us in the bush.
We will supply bbq sausages and bread for your efforts afterwards.

Pump Track Extension

The extension to the original pump track circle has now been completed and will be a good new challenge for everyone that has already conquered the original track. It works well in both directions and is similar in speed both ways also.



For those keen to learn how to ride the pump track be it the new extension or the original loop, please come and join us on Tuesday afternoons between 5.30pm and 7.00pm. We are more than happy to help and give lessons to people that are new to this sort of mountain biking and want to have a go. It is a very good, quick workout and helps you with co-ordination.