About the Club

Franklin Mountain Bike Club Inc welcomes people for a fun riding experience at Puni Memorial Reserve which is within close proximity of Pukekohe. The club plans to offer an array of new experiences that haven’t been able to be offered previously, such as: away rides, evening lessons on the Pump Track for those interested and for the rest of us a Cross Country Circuit.

The club has a goal as far as the new experiences are concerned. It would like to create a fun, enjoyable atmosphere where everyone including families can all join in with weekend away rides, enjoy evening lessons on the Pump Track and can hopefully spark enough interested amongst like minded people to help maintain the Cross Country Circuit.

So please support our club by joining up as a member and help support Mountain Biking in our local community.  All money raised by the club is re-invested to make your Mountain Biking experience at Puni even more enjoyable

Puni Memorial Reserve is also a safe area to take your family dog and exercise him or her while you’re out riding.